Forte Capital Management, LLC (FCM) is a fully integrated real estate firm that specializes in the acquisition of under performing assets in core markets. Our primary focus today are properties located in South Florida and New York. However we do have properties in New Jersey and Connecticut as well as other states. Our portfolio contains several different asset types which include Retail – both single and multi tenant – Residential, Office/Commercial and Hospitality. Our primary business model is to acquire properties through various industry relationships in off market transactions. Our hands on approach aligned with our ability to transact quickly has propelled FCM to earn a reputation for closing transactions.


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Chaim Cahane
Chaim Cahane started his real estate career early on, while attending Brooklyn College in NY. Born to parents who migrated to the US from eastern Europe Chaim grew up in a blue collar household. From an early age, Chaim Cahane was extremely entrepreneurial. At his first real estate job with Hunter Realty, LLC located in NYC, Mr. Cahane was responsible for soliciting meetings with commercial office tenants seeking new space. He was one of the most active dealmakers in the iconic Lincoln Building. This is where he learned the importance of creativity in deal structuring and how to interact with tenants and clients.

At the young age of 21 he sourced a multifamily building on Ebay in upstate NY. He secured the property and assigned his contract making an immediate profit. He later went to work for the individuals whom he had assigned the contract to and In the course of 12 months he acquired a total of 500 units. Mr Cahane was responsible for the day to day management of these units which included all the responsibilities expected of a management company. Mr Cahane worked at this company for 2 years at which he decided he thought it was important to learn the finance aspect of the transaction.

Fairmont Capital, which is a real estate firm that specializes in the placement of debt and equity for real estate professionals was his next step. Mr Cahane spent two years learning the intricacies of acquiring real estate and the important role debt and equity play in each transaction. Mr Cahane oversees and often places his own debt through existing lending relationships that have developed over the course of time.

Forte Capital Management, LLC which is the cultivation of experience in sourcing, underwriting, financing, acquiring and repositioning assets was founded by Chaim Cahane in 2008. Our sole intention is to acquire assets with which we believe have a value add component. FCM invests its own equity alongside all its investors. We understand the importance of “having skin in the game”.

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Dov Tepper
Director of Acquisitions
Dov has been instrumental in identifying key assets to reposition and create value in order to further grow and strengthen the Forte portfolio. He actively seeks out new investment opportunities in emerging markets and has grown accustom to targeting assets with tremendous potential for growth and redevelopment.
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Elan Teichman
Acquisitions associate
Elan joined Forte from one of the most successful commercial real estate brokerages in NYC, where after his first year he was named by the Commercial Observer’s 30 Under 30 as one of the Top Young Professionals of 2017 and was also chosen as one of Real Estate Weekly’s Rising Stars of Real Estate for 2017. Utilizing his interest in people and deal-making as well as his strong research and organizational skills, Elan constantly looks for new opportunities to expand Forte’s network of relationships and portfolio of high-growth assets.
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Debbie Benenfeld
Project manager
Debby assists with all acquisitions, underwriting, asset management, and property management functions of the firm. Her considerable analytical experience and broad capital markets background further enhance the firm’s capacity to find and add new value to its portfolio.